Pastor’s Desk

Dear Friends,
         Two years ago we created a parish vision entitled “The Little Church Project.” I believe many people rallied behind the theme and we have progressed in many ways as a Catholic Parish. As I watch many worldly organizations and clubs struggle with their membership, I find growth in many areas of our parish. An example is our Parish Pastoral Council, who is welcoming five new members.

         What are the next steps needed for the “Little Church Project.” It is to develop a new vision and mission for the future. Much of the vision and mission will come from the Synod documents of the Diocese, the work of the Parish Strategic Plan, the energy audit and the on-going work of the Parish Administrative Committees.

     In order to keep up with the process, I have invited five members of our community to assist me. These five individuals have been members of our community and will work to advise, assist, evaluate and create a parish vision and mission for the future.

         This “Blue Ribbon Committee” will be my advisors in spiritually bench-marking the spiritual life of the parish. Their talents will help me to evaluate the educational and service ministries of the parish. I look forward to their encouragement and support as we continue to make strong the Body of Christ which is the goal of the Little Church project.

Peace, Monsignor Martin P. Ryan, D. Min.

         We ask your generosity in feeding the poor and hungry. The Loaves and Fishes Campaign benefits the inner city soup kitchens and food pantries in the Diocese. Please set aside some money each week as part of your Lenten fast and make a contribution to the poor.