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Site Updated 7-15-2014

From the Pastor's Desk 

Next weekend is Cooperative Mission Sunday in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Members of The Marian Community of Reconciliation will be with us to ask your support for the missionary work of the Church. I ask for your generosity!

Meetings & Events
Mon., July 14 } Knights of Columbus 8:00 pm (Madonna Hall)
Sat./Sun., Jul 19/20 } 2nd Collection: Co-Op Mission Sunday
Sun., July 20 } K of C Country Breakfast, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sun., July 20 } Blood Pressure Screenings, 9:30 - 11:30 am
Mon., July 21 } Lord’s Kitchen Meal Service
Sat./Sun., Jul 26/27 } Dominican Sisters Bake Sale (after all Masses)

Save the Date
Religious Education Classes begin Saturday, September 20 & Wednesday, Sept. 24
Parish Picnic, Sunday, September 28
The Irish/Italian Wedding Dinner Theater at OLG, Saturday, Oct 18
Steve Agrisano Concert, Friday, October 24 “Go Make a Difference”

Liturgy Committee
I would like to establish a Liturgy Committee for the parish. The committee would consist of the Clergy of the parish, members of our present liturgical team and 4 or 5 members of our parish laity. This parish committee would work to assess and implement Church and Diocesan directives for liturgy. It would develop a plan for future needs in our parish prayer and worship and would be a contact committee when you have suggestions and questions for the future.

If you are interested in joining the Committee, please send a Letter of Intent to Monsignor Ryan at the Parish Office. We would like to thank those who have sent in a Letter to Volunteer. We are still looking for two more parishioners to join us.

Co-op Mission Sunday
We will have a member of the Marian Community of Reconciliation to speak at all Masses of Co-operative Mission Sunday on the weekend of July 19 & 29. Please join in the mission work of the Church with your generosity.

Parish Women’s Ministry
We would like to thank the more than 70 women who have completed the Women’s Ministry Questionnaire. We will be providing you with the action plan for Women’s Ministry by August 1, 2014.

Parish Bingo Committee
I would like to thank the members of the Bingo Committee who met with Deacon Rob and myself on July 9th. The meeting was very constructive and we look forward to meeting with Bill Soisson and the “Core Group” on Wednesday, August 13 at 7:00 pm.

Pilgrim Statue
We invite individuals and families to join in the Ministry of the Parish Pilgrim Statue. Since May 1, 2014, families from our parish have received the parish pilgrim statue of Mary into their homes and prayed prayers for the intention of the Church, the parish and themselves. A new sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board by the Sacristy today. We currently have openings beginning in the middle of August to October.

Prayer Chapel in our Church
A few weeks back I spoke to you about changing the alcove by the Icon of the Blessed Mother into a Prayer Chapel. I have had many suggestions over the past weeks and have consulted the Parish Pastoral Council and the Building & Grounds Committee. The Chapel space would encourage people for private prayer and prayer groups. The work to be done would have the pews in the alcove removed and replaced by 20 fabric “blue chairs” (like the ones the choir utilizes). Someone has donated a statue of St. Anthony to the parish to add to the Chapel as we begin. The blue chairs would be movable so that the Chapel space would be available for seating at Mass on weekends but also, could be rearranged for prayer times. I would like to move ahead on this project during the month of August. If you have any concerns, please contact me through the Parish Office.

Monsignor Martin Ryan

+ + +

Why is it important that all parishioners are registered in our Parish Census?
Many times parishioners request letters of recommendation for educational or employment purposes, as well as Sponsor Certificates to be sponsors at Baptism or Confirmation, and other special needs. It is difficult for the Pastor to fulfill these requests, when you are not registered in our Parish Census. The Parish Census also helps the pastor and staff to plan pastoral activities. Please be sure that you are registered adequately in our census files. Call the Parish Office at 377-0928. (NB - If you receive our parish mailings you are registered).
Also, don't forget
When you are admitted to the hospital, remember to tell the Admittance Office at the hospital that you belong to Our Lady of Grace Parish. If the sick person being admitted cannot articulate this information, a family member should do so. With the recent confidentiality laws in place this is the only means we have to know who is Catholic and with what parish the sick person is affiliated. This is important for the parish clergy making visits to our parishioners at the hospital.
Are You Planning to Change Your Address?
Please notify the Parish Office so that we may alter your census information and our mailing list. Thank you.

Use of Parish Facilities and Equipment

For security reasons and insurance purposes, our Parish will not rent space in our facilities and will not loan any equipment for use outside of our facilities.