Welcome Fr. Bernas!
             Situated in the island of Panay in the Philippines, Capiz was established as a diocese in 1951 and elevated to an Archdiocese in 1976.  Capiz has a population of 701,664 of whom 93% are Catholics.  Of the 130 diocesan priests who minister to the needs of the faithful, some are retired, old and sickly.  The Cooperative Mission Appeal will help provide a place for these men where they can retire or recuperate from their illnesses.  Please be generous!  

Volunteers Needed
              God has made each one of us with many gifts and talents. Our parish of Our Lady of Grace would like to invite you to share you gifts and talents with the parish community. If you have a special talent to share, please contact Msgr. Ryan by leaving a message at the Parish Office: 203-377-0928 or send an email to

 Inviting Our New Neighbors
             The summer is a time when many people come in to our neighborhood. Some people are visiting, and others are moving into the neighborhood permanently. Please welcome all who join us for Mass. Encourage them to leave us their name and address. They may use the “Welcome Envelopes” to help us contact them and invite them to join our faith community.
Can you help spread the Good News? Have new families moved onto your street? Next weekend we will have “Good Neighbor” sheets that you can complete with names and addresses of your new neighbors. We will send them a letter of welcome. Thank you for your help!

What’s New in Re-imagining Faith Formation?
              For the past month, we have been sending an adult education email to our parish Liturgical Ministers and our Adult Education Group. The email is entitled “Praying the Scripture”. It is a prayerful way of preparing for the weekend Mass. If you would like to receive this weekly email, please send your name, and email address to “Praying” at

Wedding Banns III
Christopher Shpak and Maryelle Schare

Lord’s Kitchen
              The OLG volunteers will be serving the meal at the Lord’s Kitchen, on Monday July 23rd. Our volunteers need your help in providing for the needs of the people they serve. The volunteers are requesting tooth brushes, toothpaste, and toilet paper. You may leave your donations by the Sacristy on the weekend of July 14/15. The volunteers thank you for your support.

Ministry of Support for the Widowed
             We have begun a Ministry to the Widowed, which continues to grow in our parish There are more than 250 widowed people in the parish and we hope to grow a community of support and socialization. As one journeys through transitions of bereavement there is a need to seek answers in our journey. There are members willing to assist. Please feel free to call any of our Caring Team.

  • Elaine Penny: 203-378-0766
  • Carol Ruggio: 203-375-5168
  • Doreen Siwicki: 203-375-4016
  • Toni Velasquez: 203-386-1141

Volunteers Needed
              The ministry to the sick and shut-ins helps in ministering a continuing Catholic faith connection to our parishioners who can no longer attend Mass at church. (This includes nursing home, assisted living, hospital and private home settings).
We are looking for volunteers who can utilize their time and energy with our homebound. This includes friendly home visits and phone calls. It would also include being a minister and bringing communion  to these parishioners. Training in this ministry is available for all these positions. Virtus training is required.
Please call George Zamary at the parish office 203-377-0928, if you are interested in volunteering with this important parish ministry.

Assistance in Receiving Holy Communion
              Recently, we have had a number of parishioners ask to receive Holy Communion at their seats in the side alcoves. Our Parish Ushers have been alerted to assist people requesting Holy Communion. Please ask the usher to have the Eucharist brought to you.

Respect for the Eucharist
             After consulting with the Liturgy Committee, we are asking all Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick and those parishioners who bring communion to a loved one who is ill to use the following procedure:
             If you are bringing Communion after Mass, please stand behind the altar after you have received Communion. The priest or deacon will place a host in your pyx and you will be given a blessing.
             Any non-parishioner seeking to bring Communion to the sick must see the priest or deacon after Mass.

Growing up Catholic Baptism class
              If you are planning to have your child baptized at Our Lady of Grace Parish, we ask you to attend our “Growing Up Catholic” class. The GUC class will give you a chance to center your faith journey with your child and take advantage of a time to meet other young parents in the parish. The next GUC class will be held on Sunday July 22nd at 1:30 pm in the Church. Please contact Melissa at (203-556-0611) or email:

Growing up Catholic
            When a child is baptized at Our Lady of Grace Parish, the family receives a cross for the child’s bedroom. How important it is for us to have signs of our faith present. Next time you are contemplating a gift for a child might you think of a religious gift!

 Meetings and Events

  • Blood Pressure Screenings, Sunday, July 15, 9:30 am – 11:30 am. (MH)
  • Bingo, Tuesday, July 17, doors open at 4:30 pm/first game: 6:30 pm. Food and beverages available for purchase. (PC)
  • Adult Faith Formation Potluck Celebration, Thursday, July 19, 6:30 pm. (MH)
  • Growing Up Catholic, Sunday, July 22, 1:30 – 3:30 pm. (MH)


FO = Faith Formation Office
MH = Madonna Hall
PC = Parish Center
PO = Parish Office 

 Parish Census
         We need your assistance. Please update your parish census information if your address, phone number, email address or number of people in your household has changed. You can update your information by calling the Parish Office at 203-377-0928 and speak with Stacey, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon or email

Use of Parish Property
       We are blessed to have such a nice parcel of land for our parish.  We have beautiful green space and a large parking lot.  People are drawn to our property because it is well maintained and clean.
Lately, we have noticed that people are using the parish grounds as their private recreational area.  Please spread the word, the parish grounds are private property. Anyone wishing to use the field or parking lot, for whatever reason, must first get permission from the Parish Office.  The parish is put at great risk when unauthorized people decide to use the parking lot or field for their own use.  The Stratford Police have been notified to keep an eye on our property.