Saturday Confession
                Saturday afternoon confession will resume on Saturday, July 6 from 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm.

Safety First!
              As the weather gets warmer, our parish property seems to attract a number of visitors. Some come to teach their teenager to drive a car, while other are just passing through the property. Our insurance company requires us to post that our parish property is private property!  For the safety and security of our parish, we reserve the right to ask persons not attending parish services or meetings to leave our property.

Get Closer to God this Summer!
            The Holy Family Retreat Center offers a Contemplative Prayer Group focused on the practices of Welcoming Prayer, Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer.  Guests and beginners are very welcome to join!  The group meets at 7:00 pm on the first and third Thursdays at the Retreat Center to share in these beautiful forms of Christian Contemplative Prayer.  A Welcoming Prayer guided meditation starts the evening followed by a short contemplative video teaching with group dialogue.  The evening concludes with a 20 minute period of Centering Prayer followed by Lectio Divina.  Please contact Mike Smoolca by email at or by calling 860-798-8992 for more information and to be added to our email list.  For beginners, an orientation starting at 6:30 pm on the nights we meet can be arranged with Mike Smoolca in advance.

Marriage Moments
              “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2) Traditionally this passage has been applied to religious vocations, but laboring as a peacemaker is also a worthy vocation. As a married couple, you’ve probably learned ways to make peace with each other. Look for a way to use that skill across our contentious political divide today.

Parenting Pointers
“Love God…and your neighbor as yourself.” (Luke 10:27) Easy to say but hard to do. Make it practical for your child. Talk about an age appropriate favor that your child can do for someone on your block (give a flower, make cookies, mow the lawn…)
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Project Rachel
              This summer, come back to God who is love and mercy – Are you or someone you know hurting from a past abortion experience? There is help and hope! The Diocese of Bridgeport Project Rachel Ministry offers referrals, resources, day and weekend retreats for those suffering from a past abortion. Please contact 203-416-1619 or

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
              Jesus calls us to love the Lord and to love one another. Deepen your communication, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. The next Weekends are: Sep 13-15, 2019 in Huntington, NY and Nov 1-3, 2019 in MANCHESTER, CT. For more information, call Pat & Mary Jo McLaughlin at 860-315-2127 or visit them at

Homebound Ministry
             Would you consider joining our team as a Eucharistic Minister or to make a friendly visit to the home or nursing home or make a friendly phone call. If you are interested please call George Zamary at the Parish Office at 203-377-0928 ext. 9.

              If you know a parishioner who is homebound  and would like communion or a visit or would like  to receive  a bulletin please call the Parish Office with the request.
Traveling?  Use to find the time and place for the next Mass at your location. 

Funeral Ministry
             When we are contacted by a funeral home to schedule a Funeral Mass and Burial, the Parish Bereavement Team will contact the family to extend the sympathy of the Parish. The Bereavement Team will schedule a meeting with the family to plan the readings and sacred music for the Funeral Mass. We invite the family to participate in the Funeral Mass. We have a Mass booklet and song-list to use in your planning.

News for Hospital Patients
              If a parishioner is hospitalized at St. Vincent’s or Bridgeport Hospital, please list Our Lady of Grace as your parish of registration. Then when our clergy makes their hospital visits, your name will come up on the parish list and we will visit you to pray and receive Communion. Also, there are “on-call” diocesan assigned chaplains at both hospitals available to parishioners if the need arises.

Nursing Home Information
              If a parishioner is admitted to a nursing home for a short stay and would like a visit from a Eucharistic Minister, please call the Parish Office and make arrangements with George Zamary at 203-377-0928. At the nursing home, please inform the nursing station that you requested Communion from your parish. When we visit, we will check with the nurses to verify your medical status and to get approval for the visit.

Long-Term Nursing Home
             Please call George Zamary at the Parish Office, 203-377-0928, to schedule a time for an visitation assessment at the nursing home.

Parish Ministry to the Sick
         We presently visit Bridgeport Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital on Monday or Tuesday of each week. In recent weeks, we have had several questions regarding parishioners not being visited while in the hospital. We need your assistance to build a better list of our parishioners who might be in the hospital.
Please make sure that when you are admitted into the hospital you list Our Lady of Grace as your parish. Your name will be included on our parish list in the hospital Pastoral Care Office. The HIPPA rules limit the parish clergy and pastoral minister from visiting you if your name is not on this list.   If you are hospitalized Wednesday through Saturday, we ask you or your family to call the Parish Office at 203-377-0928. Please leave your name and the name of the hospital.
Always know that there is a Pastoral Care Team in both Bridgeport and St. Vincent’s Hospital. If you need to speak with a priest, the Priest Chaplain is available.

Sanctuary Lamps
       If you need to have a Mass said for someone and the date is taken, why not offer a 7 day Sanctuary Lamp instead? The cost is $10 per lamp. If interested, please call the Parish Office at 203-377-0928.

Abuse Hotline
              As a part of Retired Superior Court Judge Holzberg’s investigation into clergy sexual abuse of minors and the Diocesan response to that abuse, a hotline has been established for those who wish to communicate with the Judge and his team.  Survivors or any others affected by abuse are encouraged to contact the hotline to discuss past incidents of abuse or their experience with the Diocese in regards to such abuse.  The hotline can be reached as follows:



  • English speaking USA and Canada: 833-990-0004
  • Spanish speaking USA and Canada: 800-216-1288

E-MAIL: (must include company name with report)

 When contacting the hotline, an individual may or may not choose to identify him or herself.