April 26, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Time seems to be moving so quickly even though we are remaining in place and distanced in our own homes. I wonder in the months to come when we look back if we will truly understand all that is happening. There has been sadness especially with the loss of life. There has been a new normal put into place right before our eyes. It might be said even a time of depression has set in. Thank God that we have the gift of faith that gives us strength in the light that shines through the darkness that being Jesus Christ. 

I thank you for the many kind notes and phone calls and waves as I walk around the parish grounds! I believe that this is just the beginning of a new way of life for us in our “Little Church”. As I look ahead and ask the question how will we operate the parish in social distancing? This will be the challenging question for the weeks to come. I ask you to be ready to help me with this question so that we can continue to build our “Little Church” Community 

Let me share with you some good news! I had a conference call with the parish leaders last week and several ideas were spoken about and I am watching them come to life. Matthew Roumeles, our parish music director, has begun a post on our website with sacred music and spiritual music for your listening. I thank Matt for the gifts that he shares with us in his parish ministry. I thank Sue Zello who is our Webmaster, her ability to communicate so well with many of you through the information that is being shared and especially the weekend mass on the website. I also thank her for putting up the new Facebook page for the parish and we are only beginning to see what we can do! 

I was asked by the parish leaders if I would be willing to do a Pastor’s Corner on the website for you during these next days. The pastor’s corner would be a short teaching or maybe words of encouragement or maybe a short homily. I worked on the plan during this past week and hopefully you will enjoy it. It can be found on the Pastor’s Corner page of this website and also on our Facebook page. Look for it soon on our YouTube page.

Another area of the parish that is being served during this time of the coronavirus is our outreach to the families of our parish with children. Denise Bartleson has been doing a weekly email of teachings for our families whether they be our younger children or our children in the primary grades or our middle school students. I thank her for her sharing of her ability to make the message of our faith available to our families at this time. There will be in the coming weeks a number of new initiatives that we will be sharing with you. May is the month of the Blessed Mother and we hope as a parish to undertake a prayer project for each of our households. Please watch the bulletin for further information.

I also would like to thank The Knights of Columbus who have taken the lead in bringing activity back into our parish. The Knights hosted their first on-line meeting. I thank Terry Morgan for his leadership and his sharing with us both the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet! The Knights are also revived our parish food drive which will be very helpful to our neighbors in the community. 

My dear friends thank you for all that you are doing currently! Thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness, I will keep you in my prayers please keep me in yours. 


Msgr. Ryan