July 5, 2020

Dear Friends,

As we celebrate the Fourth of July weekend, and understand the meaning of Freedom and Independence we have been given, let us take time to thank God for the gift of this nation. I ask you to pray with me for our nation’s health and the finding of a vaccine for the coronavirus. I ask you to pray with me that forgiveness will be part of the American lifestyle. I pray that wounds will be healed because of the lack of respect and understanding of all peoples. I ask you to join me in a prayer that we stay safe and respect all life!

The next challenge for the parish will be reopening daily Mass. During the pandemic, the intention for masses has declined. We wonder how many parishioners will return to morning Mass. We will have to create a reservation system, we will follow health mandates in washing our hands, wearing face masks and practice social distancing. The seating will be limited and all attending the mass will enter through the sacristy door. Finally, we will have to clean our personal spaces at the end of mass. Spray bottles and wipes will be available. Please let me know that you plan to attend daily mass by July 6th. The hope is to begin a daily Mass schedule by the middle of July.

Thank you – During the past weekends, I have seen us celebrate the reopening of our parish with masses in the parking lot and church. I would like to thank the many volunteers who assisted us during this time. I believe that each one of us is finding something new as we reopen our parish for public worship. I look forward to asking our volunteers to help me create new mass roles that might serve our parish and build our community during this pandemic time. May God bless you and thank you for your time and energy.

May God bless our nation on this 4th of July,

Msgr. Ryan