May 11, 2020

Dear Friends, 

On May 11th, Bishop Caggiano announced that the outdoor public celebration of Mass will begin on May 21, the Ascension of our Lord. You can read his announcement here 

The second Sunday of May holds a very special time for all of us. It is a day when all of us take time to honor our special women, that is our mother! Mothers are the ones that are the teachers when we learn our first ways! They are the caregivers when we have our first accident! They are the cheerleader that makes everything go well and they are the ones who show us the way to Jesus! 

Please take time this Mother’s Day to remember that special woman in your life whether she is living or deceased take time and put a smile on your face that always says thank you! 

On behalf of the parish staff and myself, I would like to ask God’s blessings upon all the mothers of our parish and to ask God to hold them gently in his hands especially during this difficult time!

Weekly Donations – I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have been continuing to send their weekly donations to the parish! Your support of the parish is very important currently. As we look at the figures for the past month, we realize that we are behind about 50% in our Sunday offertory and the loss of our parish fundraising through our parish bingo. We thank you for your continued support!

God Bless! 

Monsignor Ryan