May 24, 2020

Dear Friends, 

This year, I believe all of us are missing meaningful events in our lives. Memorial Day is a day for parades, picnics, and the kick-off for the summer. We are staying in place and slowly we might venture out. 

I remind you that on this weekend we always bless those who have served by keeping our country free! I hope that you will join us in prayer and remember those who gave their lives for us, and all those living and deceased who have served! I will remember them all in my Mass on Monday!

Each parish in the Diocese has been asked to create a plan for the re-opening of the parish church for public Mass. I share with you the initial proposed plan so that you will understand that there are many changes that must be put into action. I ask that you read the Plan more than once and to pray about the plan. I am sure there will be many questions and suggestions. Click on the following link to read thePlan. Parish Plan to Reopen for Public Mass.

I am sorry to say I cannot give you a definite date for when we will be starting, but I believe that I have given you an overview of the plan that is in process. Please note that changes are beyond our control. I hope that if you have questions you will call or email me. Attached is a photo of the church for those who might not be able to get to the church during the hours it is open. 


Thank you. 

God Bless! 

Msgr. Ryan