May 3, 2020

Dear Friends, 

I am sure that you have seen by now, Bishop Caggiano’s announcement that we will continue to have a suspension of public Mass until May 20th. Hopefully, the Bishop will give us more information regarding future directions as to when we might reopen our church after May 20th. 

Mother’s Day is next Sunday May 10th, we will have our mass on the website and the blessing for mothers will be given during the Liturgy. We will also present a special prayer for our Mothers (Grandmother, Godmother and Special Mothers) so that you might share and pray with our families on Mother’s Day. We will have a remembrance prayer during the Prayer of the Faithful for all mothers who are deceased and enjoy the Eternal Life. 

Nurse Appreciation Day is Wednesday May 6th! Because the role that the nurse is playing in the medical care system. I believe all of us need to take time to show our appreciation for the nurses of our community. On Wednesday morning May 6th, I will remember the nurses of our parish in a special way at Mass. I ask all parishioners to join me in a of prayer that day! I pray, May God hold you with his gentle hands and give you his strength! 

This past weekend I recorded for the first time my “Pastor’s Corner”, which will be a new video series on our parish website. The “Pastor’s Corner” will be recorded once a week! It is a five to seven-minute video speaking to you on topics that you might find relevant at this time. It might be the sharing of a scripture passage, it might be a prayer, it might be a question that has been raised, or a question with a needed answer. I look forward to future thoughts that will be exchanged!

Food Share – I am sure that you have seen on TV the many stories about the effect of unemployment within our state of Connecticut. One of my worries is that there may be some of our families who are in need of assistance at this time. If you are one of our families that may need food, I ask you to contact one of our staff members so that we might be able to respond in Christian charity! Please call (203) 377-0928. 

Weekly Donations – I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have been continuing to send their weekly donations to the parish! Your support of the parish is very important currently. As we look at the figures for the past month, we realize that we are behind about 50% in our Sunday offertory and the loss of our parish fundraising through our parish bingo. We thank you for your continued support! 

God Bless!

Monsignor Ryan