Please join us to Pray, Smile, Listen, Encourage, and Invite Others to Come Home!

Dear Friends,
I have been noticing many new faces at our weekend Masses. We welcome you to our parish! Please stop and say hello. We would like to invite you to be part of our “Little Church”. I am meeting many of the younger families and their children who are attending Religious Education in neighboring parishes. We welcome you!

Please consider joining us by registering at our parish office.

God Bless, Monsignor Ryan


Thank you to all those who served! May God Bless you!

Thank you to all our Veterans who joined us on Saturday for the 4:00 mass and attended the Veterans Dinner sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Please view the pictures from both the mass and the dinner on the Photo Gallery page!

A big thank you to Eva Poplaski for repairing our vestments. We greatly appreciate her expertise and time.

Parish Pastoral Council

 We are now looking for 2 new members to join the Council. The Council meets six times a year to ad- vise the Pastor on spiritual and pastoral needs and pro- grams of the parish. If you are interested in more infor- mation or would like to volunteer for the Council, please contact Jack Boitano, Parish Pastoral Chairperson at 203-377-2917.


I hope you have taken the time to receive your annual flu shot. Please use the hand sanitizer stands as you enter and leave church. Please consid- er the following:

• If you are feeling ill, please stay at home and watch Mass on TV.

• Contact George Zamary at the Parish Office if you will have an extended period at home so you might receive Communion at home.

• At the Sign of Peace, please extend the Sign of Peace in gesture (nod, bow, wave) and do not shake hands.

• The clergy and Eucharistic Ministers will use hand sanitizer before distributing Communion.

• Please realize your health is important!

May God bless you always!  Monsignor Ryan

Wheelchair Seating

A number of people have asked, where can we be seated with a person in a wheelchair. We invite you to be seated in the front area of the church. You and your family can be seated. Communion will be brought to you at the beginning of Communion time!

Parish Website

We are updating the site to make the website more user friendly. The website will be changing over the next few weeks. Please stop and visit often.

Funeral Guidelines

On September 15th, Bishop Caggiano issued “Norms for the Celebration of Funerals” in the Diocese.Our Bereavement Ministry will continue to provide:

1.When contacted by the Funeral Home, we will con- tact the family of the deceased person. Our Bereavement Team will meet with the family to plan the scriptural readings and the liturgical music for the Funeral Mass. We will always encourage the participation of the family in the Mass.

2.Our Lady of Grace Parish will allow, the family toshare the “Words of Remembrance” according to Diocesan Guidelines. The Bereavement Team will work with each family to prepare their words to be shared after the Communion Prayer at Mass.

3.The requested donation for the parish will be $200.00, and at the present time the honorarium for the organist/cantor is $200.00.

4.We invite our families to make donations in the name of their loved one through our Parish Memorial Book.


Publicity Person

Msgr. Ryan is seeking a volunteer to assist the Parish Team in creating articles, news announcements, and public announcements of our parish programs. If God has gifted you please give us a call! Contact Msgr. Ryan at msgrryan@olgstratford.com or 203-377-0928 x12

Parish Finances

We would like to thank those who have raised their weekly donation to the parish. Your donations are helpful to us to meet our budgeted goals.

When you travel and do not join us for Sunday Mass, may we ask you to make up your offering enve- lope. Your weekly donation is important to us, so that we can continue to serve our parishioners

We are working to correct problems we have been having with our EFT program. We thank the parishioners who have called about the problems with their EFT accounts. WE ASK THOSE PARISHIONERS EFFECTED BY THE SYSTEM PROBLEM TO MAKE THEIR DONATIONS IN PLAIN ENVELOPES WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS. We hope to resolve the problem quickly.

Hope for the Future Collection

We ask your assistance in building the future of the parish. Your donations in next week’s second collection will keep us current with are bills!

The Annual Collection

The Annual Collection has been underway for the past month. Please help us make our goal for winter maintenance. The snow, sleet and winds are coming! Please help us to keep our driveway, parking lot and sidewalks clear!


In the coming weeks we will be sharing with you spiritual themes, spiritual places, and spiritual materials. It is our hope that you may find ways of growth, and peace!

Someone asked this past week, where can I find the Mass on TV?
We have three daily Masses that you can view, if you are an Optimum Customer!

Channel 24 has the Mass from Hartford everyday at 10 am
Channel 135 EWTN Daily Mass at Noon
Channel 137 Catholic Faith Network from Rockville Center NY at 11am