Offertory Donation

Weekly Offertory Donation

Thank you to all those parishioners who are supporting our Parish. Your generosity to online giving, weekly envelopes, the use of the drop box, and by mail have continued to give financial support for the ministry and work of our parish. Thank you again for your generosity!

Please click on “On-Line Giving Button” on our website or by clicking this link, For customer assistance please call 1-800-348-2886 choose option 1 or the Parish Office at (203) 377-0928 x13.

.Make-up Envelopes – We ask your assistance in supporting the parish. We are falling behind with our weekly offertory, and we know there are many reasons for us falling behind. We invite you to help us by making up donations. Thank You!

Please call Stacey at the Parish Office (203) 377-0928 x13 with any questions or concerns.