Pray for Our Priests

The Diocese of Bridgeport has asked us to pray for our priests. They publish a monthly list  of priests to pray that month. We have added a Pray for Our Priests page to our website with the names of the priests bring prayed for during the month. Each week on our home page we will list the names of the priests to be prayed for that week. The priests we are asked to pray for this week are: May 22 – Fr. Jean-Rony Philippe.:  May 23 –  Fr. Corey Piccinino.;  May 24 – Fr. Alfonso Picone;  May 25 – Fr. Damien Pielesz  May 26 – Fr. John Pikulski;  May 27 – Fr. Albert Pinciaro;  May 28  – Fr. Juan Pineda; May 29 – Fr. William Pratt; May 30 – Fr. William Platt.