Reopening Church- July 17/18

We are going to begin our next phase of re-opening the parish on the weekend of July 17/18. Please read the next steps below. 

The front door of the Church will be opened, You will meet a greeter on entering and sign-in! 

We will continue to encourage you to wear masks and Church seating will continue with a social distance area, and an open area! Handicapped Parking will be allowed in front of church! If you need Communion brought to you! You will be given a green card! We will return to the collection baskets being passed at Offertory time, and we will invite parishioner to present the Offertory Gifts! Holy water will return to the Fonts and if you prefer spray bottles of Holy Water will be at the entrance doors! 

The Church Alcoves will remain closed to the public. We need to build the community that is centered on the Eucharist (The Real Presence of Christ), and not be in separate groups in our Church. 

Thank you for your cooperation! Our next phase will be planned for September! Click here to view pictures!