The Lord’s Kitchen


The Lord’s Kitchen, Stratford’s only community meal program, has been serving free meals every Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 6 pm since 2011.  The meals are served at Christ Episcopal Church by a dozen Stratford congregations and organizations, each taking one meal each month.  OLG’s Lord’s Kitchen volunteers typically serve on the fourth Monday each month and we offer ham or turkey sandwiches in the summertime and we cook Shepard’s Pie (ground beef, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables) in the colder months.  We also provide salad and dessert.

Our volunteers shop for the food, prepare the meal, serve the meal and clean up when the meal is served.  At the end of the meal we hand out “goodie bags” of toilet paper, tooth brushes, tooth paste and soap, which have been generously donated by OLG’s parishioners each month.

The OLG volunteers will be serving the meal at the Lord’s Kitchen on Monday, June 22nd. Our volunteers need your help in providing for the needs of the people they serve, as toiletry items cannot be purchased with food stamps / WIC, so we are requesting donations of toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper and bars of soap. We serve between 70-90 people each month, and we haven’t been collecting enough of these items to distribute a toiletry bag every month we serve. Your generosity in donating these items each month does not go unnoticed – the people of our community receiving these items are very appreciated! We will have information here regarding how to donate soon. We thank you very much on behalf of the people we serve! 


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