From the Pastor’s Desk

Dear friends,     

Happy Father’s Day!

              Over these past months, I have had time to pray, to think, to remember, and to be thankful. I had time to thank God for the many people God has placed into my life. It took me a little while to look in the mirror and see what I looked like after losing 50lbs. When I saw myself, my response was “Oh God, I look so much like my father!”

              I missed my dad as I laid waiting for the healing to take place. He always had a word of encouragement and had taught me how to pray and think and be thankful. He always reminded me that when I was small, he was carrying me down a flight of stairs. He fell, he dislocated his shoulder, but the baby was safe. He always reminded me when it rained, and the shoulder would ache!  I also remembered a very different day in relating with my dad. It was the day I had to take away the car keys! He had an accident with the car and his mind was becoming more forgetful. Much of what I said were the values he taught me.  He had a sense of humor; He would tell people that I was made a Monsignor because he was the only “Father” Ryan.

              I hope you will take time to think and pray for your father! Pray, remember, think, and forgive and share some love with your father, today!

Monsignor Martin P. Ryan