From the Pastor’s Desk   

As we begin the first full week of Lent, I am sure you, like me, have already broken your Lenten sacrifice. I should have given up sweets a long time ago. I should have taken care of any bad habits. So I have decided to work on just one part of my life, I am going to concentrate on spending quiet time with the Lord.

I receive an email each morning called Minute Meditation from Franciscan Communications. I usually read it early each morning, but often lose the thought in the busyness of the day. So for Lent, I will read that email at noon and in the evening.

Do you petition the Lord when you pray? I have decided to keep my prayer needs in my daily life very visible this Lent. I will pray at breakfast, coffee break, lunch, afternoon break and before dinner. Let me take a minute and pray, “Lord, make me more patient!” or “Lord make me listen better!” If I say a simple prayer like this 5-10 times at meal time, maybe the Lord’s grace will feed me!

I hope the Lenten time will help me center more on Christ!

Monsignor Martin P. Ryan, D.Min.