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Safe Environment 

Safe Environment programs are well-established in all three Roman Catholic Dioceses in Connecticut. The Safe Environment program in the Diocese of Bridgeport has a full-time director, Ms. Erin Neil, L.C.S.W. Safe Environment programs oversee the implementation of Charter mandates including victim assistance, criminal background checks, written Codes of Conduct, and child sexual abuse awareness and preven-tion training for priests, deacons, lay employees, volunteers, children, and youth. 

Erin Neil L.C.S.W. 

Director of Safe Environment & Victim Assistance Coordinator Tel: (203) 416-1406 Tel: (203) 650-3265 Email: 

In compliance with the Diocese of Bridgeport and to ensure the safety of our children, all OLG clergy, employees, contractor, and volunteers age 18 and above are required to be VIRTUS trained by the Diocese. They are also required to go through a background check. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions, please call the parish office (203) 377 – 0928.

Virtus Recertification 

We are currently notifying parishioners for Recertification in our Diocesan Safe Environment Program.

Virtus Training

An online pre-registration is required prior to working or volunteering at Our Lady of Grace. Please go to to pre-register for a one-time live Virtus class. If you need to update your certification, please go to to to complete an online training session. An electronic acknowledgement of the Safe Environment Handbook is included in the new registration process.

Diocesan Safe Environment Handbook  

Report an Incident

Click here to report an incident of abuse or misconduct

Alternatively, you may download a PDF version of Incident Report Form

If this matter is urgent, please immediately contact:

Erin Neil
Director of Safe Environments & Victim Assistance Coordinator
(203) 416-1406 or (203) 650-3265

Michael Tintrup
Chief Operating Officer, Catholic Charities
(203) 241-0987

Victim Assistance Contact Information in the Diocese of Bridgeport
Instrucciones para Denunciar 2018 Sospecha de Abuso


All Members of the Clergy, Seminarians, Religious Sisters and Brothers, Lay employees, Volunteers and Independent contractors are required to make a report to the Diocese and to Civil authorities of any suspicion of sexual abuse, other forms of child abuse, elder abuse, abuse of a vulnerable adult, risk of injury or knowledge of someone in possession of child pornography.

If you have actual knowledge of or have reasonable cause to suspect abuse of a minor or vulnerable adult, or any allegation of abuse or misconduct involving a member of the Clergy, Seminarian, Religious Sister or Brother, Lay Employee, Lay Volunteer or Independent Contractor of the Diocese of Bridgeport, (whether the incident occurred recently or in the past) report that information immediately to:

Erin Neil, L.C.S.W., Director of Safe Environment & Victim Assistance Coordinator
Office: (203) 416-1406
Mobile: (203) 650-3265


Michael Tintrup, L.C.S.W., Victim Assistance Counselor
(203) 241-0987


The CT Department of Children and Family (D.C.F.) Child Abuse and Neglect Care-line
within 12 hours of first becoming aware.
1 (800) 842-2288

• • •

For a report involving a vulnerable adult, call
Protective Services for the Elderly at the Department of Social Services
1 (888) 385-4225

After business hours or on weekends or state holidays, please call Info-line at 2-1-1

• • •

If you would like to report a situation in which abuse or neglect is suspected concerning an individual with an intellectual disability between the ages of 18 and 59, please call 1 (844) 878-8923.

• • •

Mandated Reporters are required by law to report directly to D.C.F. or to the Police any suspicion of abuse of a minor, risk of injury to a minor, child pornography, exploitation or neglect. This document is in addition to CT mandated reporting guidelines.

As of Oct. 2015, mandated reporters who fail to report suspected abuse of a minor or risk of injury within 12-hours of becoming aware, will be reported to the Chief State’s Attorney and may be charged with a felony. Third party information is reportable to D.C.F. and proof is not a requirement for reporting.

All information will be handled with a high level of confidentiality however full anonymity cannot be guaranteed in cases involving abuse of a minor. Mandated Reporters must complete a written report within 48-hours. Please visit our diocesan website at

WARNING SIGNS: If you have any concern about the safety of a child or if you have observed an early warning sign of inappropriate conduct or a violation of the Safe Environment Policies, please call the Safe Environment Office with what you know. THE STATE OF CT MANDATED REPORTING ONLINE TRAINING & CERTIFICATE (40 minutes)

Contact information for reporting suspected child abuse in all States


State of CT Department of Children and Family Services Training (PPT)
Mandatory Reporting of Suspected Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult (PDF)

For questions or concerns relating to Safe Environments, VIRTUS Awareness Training, Resources for Victims of Abuse or Mandated Reporting, please contact:
Erin Neil, L.C.S.W.
Director of Safe Environments & Victim Assistance Coordinator
Office: (203) 416-1406
Mobile: (203) 650-3265

Michael Tintrup L.C.S.W.
Chief Operating Officer, Catholic Charities
(203) 241-0987

This information is in addition to CT mandated reporting guidelines. You must also notify your immediate supervisor. If the incident of suspected abuse involves a supervisor, contact Safe Environments directly.

For assistance or questions relating to background checks, please contact:
Human Resources
(203) 416-1402


Please go to or the Diocese of Bridgeport Safe Environment page to for more information.

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