Financial Information – Accountability Sunday

Financial Information

According to the diocesan Parish Finance Manual that was issued in 2020, every parish
and Diocesan school is required to report annually the results of their financial activities for
the fiscal year ending June 30. Bishop Caggiano has determined that the first Sunday of Decernber every year will ‘be known “Accountability Sunday.” on that .day, this reporting will occur, and every parish and
school, as well as the Diocese and its related entities will publish their annual financial reports.
In short, the purpose of “Accountability Sunday” is to ensure financial transparency; to
communicate to all parishioners and donors that good stewardship is being practiced and
to provide a standard report that is consistent and straightforward.

Accountability Sunday – December 4, 2022

Sstatement of Financial Position Accountability Sunday  2021 – 2022

Statement of Activities-Accountability Sunday 2021-2022

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