The Catholic Community of Stratford

The Catholic Community of Stratford
St. James… Holy Name of Jesus… Our Lady of Peace…Our Lady of Grace…St. Mark 


The Catholic Church has played an important role in the Catholic Community in Stratford for many years. Following the establishment of St. James in 1886, the Church grew with the town as four more Parishes were established: Holy Name of Jesus (1923), Our Lady of Peace (1948), OurLady ofGrace (1954), and St Mark (1960)

Each of our five Parishes is rich in history, unique in traditions, yet universal in belief and practice. All Parishes share the mission of preaching and living the Life, Death, Resurrection and Ascension of our Lord as we attempt to respond to and meet the diverse needs ofthe Community we serve. Given the numerous challenges we all face, we, your Pastors have entered intothis exploratory dialogue and discernment with trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance and the belief that there is much to learn and celebrate about the past as we creatively search for ways to grow and move forward in the Name of our Lord!

In consultation with Bishop Caggiano and learning from the best practices of our Diocese and local parishes, we are restructuring and reimagining how to work together by collaborating, sharing strengths and combining resources.
These discussions have been very fruitful!

We began by looking at our liturgical schedules. We have made some alterations and created a town-wide liturgical schedule. In addition to a variety of Saturday Vigil Mass times, there will be a Mass nearly every half hour somewhere in town on Sunday morning, two Sunday afternoon Masses and weekday Masses at diverse times throughout town. To read the entire letter from the Pastors and view the Catholic Community of Stratford Mass Schedule click on the link below.

Letter from Pastors

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