Spiritual Life Resources

Give yourself a gift for Christmas! Will you take a weekend to pray with the Lord? Maybe a day for spiritual renewal, or maybe a Spiritual Talk to expand your mind and heart. Please check the following websites. 

St. Edmund’s Retreat – endersisland.com

Mercy Center – mercybythesea.org 

Holy Family Retreat House – holyfamilyretreat.org


In  the Church book racks are some materials for your Advent reading. You will find the following booklets: 

Living Advent with Joy and Peace by Pope Francis
Hope of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come                                                       Let the Heavens Be Glad by Henri Nouwen



Alpha-Bits is a new resource aimed at helping parents of Generation Alpha (birth to 7 years) raise faith-filled children. This project, funded in part by a grant from the St. John Paul II Fund for
Religious Education and Youth Ministry, contains resources, tips, and practical suggestions for parents and grandparents. It is available on the Family Formation page at https://formationreimagined.org

Lifelong Micro Lessons

Introducing Lifelong Lessons, a new video channel on the Institute website that includes more than two dozen videos to help the faithful encounter the person of Christ by reflecting for a few minutes with experts from around the country. These videos range from personal reflections of faith to suggestions on how to become a more effective listener. To see the complete library, which will be updated each week, visit https://formationreimagined.org/lifelong-lessons/.

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