Serve Others And Rise

The Faith Formation theme for this school year is: #WITNESS
             We are all witnesses of God’s love in each other and in ourselves. During the school year the students in classes 1-9 will share stories how they have witnessed God’s presence in their life, we have also asked their parents to share stories with their children how they have witnessed God’s presence. The classes with the help of their teachers will write down #Witness signs to share with everyone. These Hashtags signs will be seen at the Parish Center going up the staircase. Class 7 added their hashtags this week and some they have shared are : #Peace and Love; #Praying; # Believe;# Acts of Kindness # Kindness and Sharing just to mention a few.
               Join us during the year as we all try to become better Disciples for Jesus, as we bear Witness to Jesus love.

The Nazareth Program: If you have a child that has not had the opportunity to start classes in 1st grade or has missed years of Faith Formation or receiving the Sacraments, we offer a special program called “The Nazareth Program.” Over the past years many children have had the opportunity to “catch up” on their Faith Formation and get on track receiving their Sacraments. Please call the Faith Formation Office at 203-377-6133 for more information or pass on this bulletin if you know someone in this situation.

#Witness God’s Love through Giving!

   The Faith Formation office will again be sponsoring the Giving Tree for Christmas. The tags will be on the tree next weekend. Please take a tag only if you will be able to purchase the item printed on the tag!

              There will be a variety of small and large items. They range from infants to the elderly. These items will be distributed between Outreach to the Poor and Stratford Social Services through Sterling House.
             PLEASE RETURN THE ITEMS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THE DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 2, 2018. They can be brought to Church before and after Masses. DO NOT WRAP THE ITEMS! Attach the gift tag securely to the item. You may put them in a bag.
We appreciate the generosity of our parishioners with all our endeavors and want to thank you in advance for helping us with this most rewarding community work.

Re-Imagining Faith Formation
              Would you like to join us in “Praying with Scripture” as a way to prepare for the coming weekend mass. “Praying with scripture” is a spiritual preparation for the Mass each week. We send you each week with an outline prayer and reflection for the coming Sunday! If you wish to join our prayerful process, please contact us with your name and email address at:

Adult Faith Formation
Study the Gospel of John

             Learn about two women who appear in the Gospel of John, encountering the forgiveness of Jesus in Madonna Hall, Thursday, December 13th beginning at 7:00 pm. Contact Lynn Corra at 203-374-9094 or Nina Zegarski at 203-767-6492 for further information.