Faith Formation

The 2019-2020 Faith Formation theme this school year is :

SOS – Sharing Our Saintliness. 

All of our Faith Formation classes have been cancelled until further notice. This includes our preparation classes for First Holy Communion. We have been in touch with our First Holy Communion families to get them started on their preparation for their First Holy Communion. 

Last weekend we asked our Faith Formation families to send pictures to us of the blue hearts that they placed in their windows or doors. If any parishioners would like to share their pictures send them to The families were also reminded to go on our Website, Facebook or You Tube and gather their family to watch and celebrate the Mass with Msgr. Ryan. They were also told of the new section on our Website with spiritual music with our organist, Matthew Roumeles and Msgr. Ryan’s Pastor’s Corner. 

A new project for a Rock Garden at Our Lady of Grace will be starting shortly. If you see any nice smooth rocks in your walks pick up and bring them home, further info will follow. 


Don’t walk behind me because I may not want to lead. Don’t walk ahead of me I may not want to follow. Walk aside me and be my friend!

Prayer is a powerful tool and I am sure many of you can witness to that, but if you have not been one to turn to prayer this will be a good place to start. A few months ago at a Family Mass we talked about the importance of prayer. We talked about starting a Prayer Walk and asked families to sign up to be part of our Prayer Walk. With the Prayer Walk we send you an email when we receive special prayer intentions. We have about 35 parishioners at this time signed up. If you would like to participate in this Prayer Walk you can sign up by sending us your name and email to We send out an email about once a month to everyone who signs up and we ask you to pray when we receive special prayer intentions.

Hope you will join us on our Prayer Walk! To follow us click here.


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