Serve Others And Rise

The Faith Formation theme for this school year is: #WITNESS
             We are all witnesses of God’s love in each other and in ourselves. During the school year the students in classes 1-9 will share stories how they have witnessed God’s presence in their life, we have also asked their parents to share stories with their children how they have witnessed God’s presence. The classes with the help of their teachers will write down #Witness signs to share with everyone. They will be hung going up the staircase in the Parish Center. Join us during the year as we all try to become better Disciples for Jesus, as we bear Witness to Jesus’ love.
           First Reconciliation classes have started this weekend. If there are any children from our parish that attends one of the Catholic schools, they need to contact the Faith Formation Office immediately at 203-375-6133 or email to receive all the information on these Sacraments. All students need to make these sacraments in their home Parish.
           Last Sunday, January 6, the 2nd grade Sacrament students and their families attended the 10:00 am Mass where they received a special blessing from Msgr. Ryan as the begin their journey in preparing for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. This Saturday, the parents attended a meeting to hear how they can walk with their children during this special preparation time.
If you have a child that need to “catch up” on catechizes and sacraments that they have missed call the Faith Formation Office at 203-375-6133 or email: We have a program for these children called the Nazareth Program.

Growing Up Catholic Baptism Class
              If you are planning to have your child baptized at Our Lady of Grace Parish, we ask you to attend our “Growing Up Catholic” class. The GUC class will give you a chance to center your faith journey with your child and take advantage of a time to meet other young parents in the parish. The next GUC class will be held on Sunday, March 10, 2019 at 1:30 pm in the Parish Center. Please contact Melissa at (203-556-0611) or email:

Adult Faith Formation
Study the Gospel of John

              Join us as we continue to explore wonderful encounters Jesus had with others who only appear in the Gospel of John, Thursday, February 21st in Madonna Hall, beginning at 7:00 p.m. Contact Lynn Corra at 203-374-9094 or Nina Zegarski at 203-767-6492 for further information.