Prayer Walk


Don’t walk behind me because I may not want to lead. Don’t walk ahead of me I may not want to follow. Walk aside me and be my friend!

Prayer is a powerful tool and I am sure many of you can witness to that, and it is such an important time for all of us to turn to Jesus in prayer for ourselves and everyone. Faith and prayer will help so many of us get through this most difficult time. Join our Prayer Walk! You can email with your name and email to get on the list to receive emails to help pray for special intentions.

Also, if you have a request for a special prayer intention for you or a family member email the intention to

Prayer is a powerful and beautiful tool that we have been blessed with. Dear Jesus heal us from fear at this time of uncertainty and fear!

 MAY, the month of Our Blessed Mother! As you probably know we have started a Blue Heart Prayer Campaign here at Our Lady of Grace. We are asking our parishioners to  rededicate this month to the Blessed Virgin Mary by placing a blue heart in their front window or door. The hearts have BVM Pray for Us on them. ( I have attached a copy or you could pick up at the garage at the rectory.) Lets join our hearts and pray one decade of the rosary each day. This will unify us in a prayer that Our Mother Mary always hears and ask her to intercede for us by asking her Son, Jesus Christ to help in the healing and  in finding a cure for the Corona virus and for all our special intentions this month.

 We pray for all those that have died in our parish and for friends and family members of our parishioners. George Ortiz, Loretta Krystiniak, Manuel Lindade, Susan Urban, Edith Hultgren, John Colish Jose Gomez and Anna Maria Marcella. Also for Jonathan who we prayed for last month that passed away and for his wife and young children that they get strength in turning to Jesus for comfort.

 We also pray  for all those that are in hospitals, give them the faith to know Jesus is with them.

We pray for so many elderly that have died in our nursing homes. Also for all the nursing home patients that feel so alone and for their families that cannot visit them, let them know they are not alone, Jesus is with them always.

We pray for all our first responders who find themselves fighting to recover themselves from coronavirus especially an EMT friend of one of our parishioners.

For Doctors, nurses, researchers, all medical professionals  who unselfishly put themselves at risk, that God will be there to give them strength to continue. For all our essential workers at grocery stores, truck drivers, factory workers producing products needed to battle this virus, food pantries and so many more, keep them safe from this virus.

Our leaders of our state and country give then the wisdom to make the right decisions and continue to have a true concern for the well-being for the people they were chosen to serve.

Please pray for our pastor, Msgr Ryan while he continues to lead us in our spiritual guidance during this difficult time, for the parish staff , for our catechists and all our parishioners to stay healthy and in place of our anxiety turn to the Blessed Mother in rosary to give us peace.

We will get through this, all of us praying together for a positive outcome, Let’s turn to Mary this month to intercede for us to her son, Jesus Christ. Please continue to send me any special intentions you may have.

God Bless,

Denise Bartelson                                                                                                                   Faith Formation, Director

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