Prayer Walk


Don’t walk behind me because I may not want to lead. Don’t walk ahead of me I may not want to follow. Walk aside me and be my friend!

Prayer is a powerful tool and I am sure many of you can witness to that, but if you have not been one to turn to prayer this will be a good place to start. A few months ago at a Family Mass we talked about the importance of prayer. We talked about starting a Prayer Walk and asked families to sign up to be part of our Prayer Walk. With the Prayer Walk we send you an email when we receive special prayer intentions. We have about 35 parishioners at this time signed up. If you would like to participate in this Prayer Walk you can sign up by sending us your name and email to We send out an email about once a month to everyone who signs up and we ask you to pray when we receive special prayer intentions.

Prayer requests: Friend of a parishioner that will be having rectal cancer surgery this week at Sloan Kettering and 3 other friends battling cancer.

A brother of a parishioner who had surgery his week to remove cancer from his kidney.

Friend of a parishioner in ICU in critical condition and a parishioners brother who is need of prayers.

A parishioner who will be having extensive knee surgery in early March.

Please continue to remember in your prayers a young child in our parish who is having brain surgery. Also a nephew of a parishioner going through hip surgery for the 3rd time. Pray for a family from Faith Formation whose mom is going through brain surgery this week. A friend of a parishioner who is suffering from leg clots and a nephew having  stents for recent heart attack (47 years old).

At this time will you continue to remember in your prayers a sister of a parishioner dealing with stomach pain for many months and still waiting for a diagnosis. Also, a nephew of a parishioner with leukemia that still have a few months of Chemo.

Let’s pray for all the children and adults that have been hit with the flu and other viruses during these winter months, may they get the care and rest that they need for a speedy recovery.  Let’s remember all that have no friends or family to turn to in time of need. Continue to pray that they see the goodness of God in others and receive the guidance and help they may need.




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