Service Ministries

Parish Ministry to the Sick

We presently visit Bridgeport Hospital and St.Vincent’s Hospital on Monday or Tuesday of eachweek. In recent weeks, we have had several questions regarding parishioners not being visited while in the hospital. We need your assistance to build a better list of our parishioners who might be in the ospital.

1. Please make sure that when you are admitted into the hospital you list Our Lady of Grace as your parish. Your name will be included on our parish list in the hospital Pastoral Care Office. The HIPPA rules limit the parish clergy and pastoral minister from visit- ing you if your name is not on this list.

2. If you are hospitalized Wednesday through Saturday, we ask you or your family to call the Parish Office at 203-377-0928. Please leave your name and the name of the hospital.

3. Always know that there is a Pastoral CareTeam in both Bridgeport and St. Vincent’s Hospital. If you need to speak with a priest, the Priest Chaplain is available.

Homebound Ministry

Would you consider joining our team as a Eucharistic Minister or to make a friendly visit to the home or nursing home or make a friendly phone call. If you are interested please call George Zamary at the Parish Office at 203-377-0928 ext. 9.
If you know a parishioner who is homebound  and would like communion or a visit or would like  to receive  a bulletin please call the Parish Office with the request.


The Bereavement Ministry is made up of members who have experienced the death of a loved one. At this difficult time for the families, we try to offer sympathy and compassion to ease their pain and help them make the Mass a special and personal tribute to their deceased loved one. When the funeral Home calls the Parish Office to arrange for a Funeral Mass, a member of the Bereavement Ministry is contacted. We then call the family member in charge and arrange to meet with them at a time most convenient for them. We give them a booklet titled Through Death to Life. This booklet contains suggested readings that are used in preparation for the celebration of the funeral mass. We also offer list of songs that are appropriate for the mass. The family has the opportunity to make the celebration of the mass more personal for themselves by being able to choose the readings, the songs, the readers, the gift bearers and to decide if a family member or friend will saying a few “Words of Remembrance” according to Diocesan Guidelines. The information is then passed on  to the celebrant, the altar server and the organist. We welcome anyone who would like to become part of this ministry

“Can I plan my Funeral Mass?”

We are an older parish. Many parishioners have asked questions regarding scripture readings and sacred music for their funeral mass. If you would like further information, please contact George Zamary at the parish office 203-377-0928, extension 9.


Before St.Matthew was chosen to be an apostle, he was a tax collector by profession. The St. Matthew’s Guild counts the money received from the  weekly offertory, Holy Days and special collections. St. Matthew is the Patron Saint of accountants, bankers, bookkeepers, tax collectors and parish offertory counters. Two groups, one at 9:00 and one at 11:00 count on Sunday mornings. If interested in joining the St.Matthew’s Guild please call the please parish office at 203-377-0928.

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